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Kathy Black

Rod Stewart is a 11 ½ year old Gordon Setter who is both a show champion, a junior hunter and resident couch potato. Through various activities over the years he has injured himself resulting in a dislocated elbow along with arthritis and spondylosis in his spine. Although he is able to get around on his own, he carries a limp and his movement had not been as free as it should have been. He had previously undergone a series of physical therapy, water therapy and laser therapy, but those improvements could not be maintained. Prior to Stewart’s first appointment, we relayed Stewart’s history to Dr. Debbie, who outlined a course of treatment. Stewart had his first of four acupuncture treatments that day. With each treatment we have seen marked improvement in his movements. Stewart is more alert and interested in his surroundings. He wants to go for car rides. He wants to play with the other dogs. His tail is wagging side-to-side again, he is able to stretch is rear legs and scratch his ears. Where his rear legs would quiver and didn’t seem able to hold him up for very long, he can now stand firmly. He has been barking at the neighbor’s dogs and the garbage truck. Finding Dr. Goode has been a god-send for us. She is very patient and kind with both canines and humans and answering all questions. Both she and her assistant, Kendra, have made Stewart feel relaxed and comfortable in their care and he actually enjoys going for his treatments!