Savanah Matheny Staff Photo (1)


Veterinary Assistant

Hi, my name is Savanah. I grew up in Holly, MI and moved to Grand Blanc, MI in 2015. I went to Ross in Madison Heights, MI and received my certificate in Veterinary Assisting in 2019. I love to travel and play board games in my spare time. I also have two older sisters and a younger brother. I decided that I wanted to work with animals when I was a little kid, I may not have known what exactly yet, but I found my way into the veterinary field. There are so many rewards to helping the little hearts of every patient I work with, including seeing them grow over the years and seeing the client’s face when they see their beloved pet again. Each patient, regardless of their species or size, are all just as important to their owners as they are to me. We love to pour our hearts into our work, and I get to see the impact we have on our patients and their families. I strive to always give the best care and to be the best I can be each day for my patients, my family, and myself .